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Providing you with traditional and unique earthscaping needs.

With 40 years of experience in the construction field and a Civil Engineering degree, Steve takes pride in every aspect of a project giving you value with a distinct personal touch. We specialize in all aspects of excavation and hardscaping. We can construct any concrete foundation, patio or sidewalk. We concentrate on enhancing your site by working with the natural contours. We incorporate local materials for all of our projects including retaining walls, stairs, walkways and garden accents. Using stones native to your space or importing stones from local quarries we can create unique sculptures and rustic benches.

Marlboro Mountain Construction now offers Laser Guided Grading. With accuracies better than +/- 1/4", automatic grade control systems can also save on expensive finishes such as concrete. A laser transmitter is used to emit a plane of laser light across the job site.

Steve's engineering experiences along with his unique artistic flare allows him to create the outdoor space that you envision. Whether you are planning a new excavation or considering a change in your current outdoor space contact Steve for a personal consultation at 845-236-3070.



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